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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy

What2Read, Inc., the owner of Bid Whist Online software and of the website, does not share private data collected by its software or website, does not sell private data and does not show advertising.

This privacy policy applies to websites operated by What2Read, Inc. . Other websites which are linked to/from the website will differ. Please consult those websites for their respective privacy policies.

Information collected

Traffic logs and usage statistics are not public and are not shared with any other organization.

Nevertheless, the web server automatically recognizes and stores information about a visitor, such as the IP address, domain name, and referring website. What2Read uses this information to understand visitor traffic patterns for purposes such as making sign-ups easier. The computer of a visiting user provides this information automatically each time unless their browser has activated blocking technology.

Personally identifiable information (PII) is collected for visitors who chose to register as a member.

Information uses

Personally identifiable information (PII) is collected only as necessary to enable members to play Bid Whist online. Purposes include registration, trial membership, sign-in, account management and payments. What2Read will not sell or rent PII; and will not disclose, share or transfer PII except where required by law.

When collected, the e-mail address is used for confirming registration details and account sign-up, for resetting forgotten passwords and for notice of account expiration.

The web server uses cookies to store information on a the local computer of a member whenever that member accesses their account. The cookies serve to make the website functional. Tracking cookies are not used.

Security employs industry standard security measures designed to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of the information provided by members. While this information will not be disclosed without member consent, What2Read is not responsible for unauthorized access acquired through illegal means.


Users who sign-up as paid or trial members may receive one notice of expiration a few days before the expiration of their membership. No action is required after this sole notice in order to opt-out of any future communications. To opt-out of receiving the expiration notice, a member should email about their preference. Other mass communications may occur but only if the member chooses to opt-in to their receipt.