Bid Whist Online

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Startup Help - Play

Playing Instructions

Playing Bid Whist Online is obvious for many users, but sometimes we all want a little extra help. We assume you have already created an account, and downloaded and installed JavaWebStart. If you have missed one of these steps, please go back to our homepage, Now you are ready to start playing.

Starting game For the first time you play, you must go to Click on Step 3. The first time you do this you will be invited to added a link onto your desktop to start the game in the future.

Java Integration Screen

First you will see a screen letting you know that you have started Bid Whist Online.

Start Window

If this is your first time playing, you will need to wait a minute as the files for the game are downloaded to your machine. When we make changes to the game they are automatically downloaded onto your machine at this time.

Java Security Window

This is the java security warning. Because we request information from your computer system (e.g., screen resolution, operating system) this warning is presented. If you leave the box checked then you will only encounter this the first time.

After that first instance, you will immediately get the regular login window.

Login Window

Enter your Login Name and your password.
Please remember that your login name and password are case sensitive, so entering "NewUser" is not the same as "newuser".

Click OK.
You are now in the exciting world of Bid Whist Online.