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Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

For Step 1. - Getting a trial account

You can see if your trial account was setup properly by going to and clicking on Your Account. You will see this link at the top of the page. Click and then login. Your account information should appear.

For Step 2. - Installing Java

To check to see if this step went properly, please check to see if you have Java Web Start. Goto Start -> Programs and check for Java Web Start in your listing. If you do not see Java Web Start, Bid Whist Online will not start properly. If you do see Java Web Start, try to start it.

If you see flashes of a program but nothing opens, then you may have a Java conflict. Please check Add/Remove Programs to make sure only one version of Java is there.

I get an error message that says:
"No Install package"

Please try installing the complete package for JavaWebStart. It is much larger and this one time download may take several minutes.

If none of these procedures does not help, please send us email
We will need to know the nature of your problem.  So let us know if its Step 1, 2 or 3 from the top of this page that you first see problems.
This feedback will help me inform others....